PUMPKIN SOUP, goat cheese ravioli, maple syrup, pumpkin seeds | 185 CZK

BEEF CONSOMMÉ, crispy meat pockets, root vegetables, chives | 185 CZK

BURRATA CHEESE, grilled zucchini, raisins, aged balsamic, pine nuts | 345 CZK

SALMON CEVICHE, pomelo, chili, avocado, wonton crackers | 365 CZK

BEEF TARTAR, warm crème fraîche topping, löjrom caviar, chives, toasted rye bread | 445 CZK

CRISPY DUCK WONTONS, prune sauce, red onion and cabbage salsa | 395 CZK

SALADS small / big portion

CAESAR SALAD, Romaine lettuce, herb croutons, crispy bacon, parmesan | 225 / 315 CZK
| with grilled chicken breast | 315 / 395 CZK

GOAT CHEESE AU GRATIN, beet root, mixed garden greens, hazelnuts, orange preserve | 295 CZK


SEMOLINA DUMPLINGS, baked pumpkin, fresh goat cheese, brown butter, sage, pine nuts | 365 CZK

FETTUCCINE WITH DUCK RAGOUT, lentils, root vegetables, demi glace sauce, parmesan | 425 CZK

SAFFRON SPELT WHEAT RISOTTO, salsify, season´s best mushrooms, egg yolk confit | 395 CZK


BAKED PIKE PERCH, semolina dumplings, charred broccolini, lentils, red bell peppers sauce | 565 CZK

GRILLED SALMON, wasabi potato purée, stir fried bokchoy, teriyaki sauce | 495 CZK

HALIBUT CIHELNA „FISH AND CHIPS“, warm sauce Tartare, green pea, tomatoes, home-made French fries | 595 CZK



“SVÍČKOVÁ“ FROM LEG OF VENISON, creamy root vegetable sauce, Carlsbad dumplings, cranberries | 495 CZK

BLACK ANGUS* ROYAL BURGER with foie gras, caramelized onion, dried tomato pesto, truffle mayonnaise,
home made French fries | 495 CZK

*Local bred and farmed Black Angus from Farm Tetin.

DUCK LEG CONFIT, potato dumplings, spiced red cabbage, thyme jus | 465 CZK

GRILLED BEEF FILET MIGNON TIPS, honey glazed shallots, chanterelles, baked sunchoke, green pepper corn sauce | 695 CZK

VEAL SCHNITZEL, mashed potatoes, buttered Brussels sprouts, cranberry compote | 395 CZK

WILD BOAR CHEEKS, saffron spelt wheat risotto, salsify, season´s best mushrooms, marjoram sauce | 465 CZK


Home made French fries / roasted baby potatoes / potato purée | 95 CZK

Grilled vegetables | 145 CZK

Garden salad / mixed greens / tomato salad | 95 CZK



POTATO POCKETS, walnut stuffing, prune ice cream, buttered bread crumbs | 195 CZK

PINEAPPLE CARPACCIO, coconut ice cream, crispy granola, passion fruit coulis | 195 CZK

CHOCOLATE FONDANT, vanilla ice cream, tangerines | 225 CZK

MILLES FEUILLES STRUDEL, apple compote, walnuts, vanilla and rum raisins ice cream | 195 CZK