DUCK LIVER PARFAIT, carrot chutney, cranberries, crispy bread | 185 CZK

CROSTINI WITH BAKED GOAT CHEESE, truffle honey, cranberry compote | 195 CZK

CRISPY DUCK WONTONS, prune sauce, red onion and cabbage salsa | 245 CZK

SALMON CEVICHE, grapefruit, chili, avocado, wonton crackers | 265 CZK

BUFFALO MOZZARELLA, avocado, strawberries, rocket salad, aged balsamic | 275 CZK

BEEF TARTAR CLASSICO, red onion, capers, egg yolk, parmesan, toasted onion bread | 295 CZK

TIGER PRAWNS PIL PIL, garlic, olive oil, chili, parsley, toasted baguette | 295 CZK



ASIAN SALAD, cucumber, tomatoes, basil, mint, chili, sesame, sweet and sour dressing | 185 CZK

WATER MELON SALAD, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, basil | 225 CZK

CAESAR SALAD, Romaine lettuce, herb croutons, crispy bacon, parmesan | 245 CZK
| with grilled chicken breast | 285 CZK



CREAMY TOMATO SOUP, basil, sour cream | 125 Kč



LINGUINE ALL´ARRABBIATA, tomato sauce, chili, basil, olives, parmesan | 245 CZK

RIGATONI FUNGHI, creamy sauce, mushrooms, garlic, parmesan | 255 CZK

RED CURRY RISOTTO, coconut milk, red curry, shiitake mushrooms, coriander | 265 CZK
 | with Tiger prawns | 365 CZK




Our burgers are prepared from the meat of the Aberdeen-Angus Velkostatek Tetín breed.

SEE-HELL-NOW (CIHELNA) BURGER, cheddar, jalapeños | 295 CZK

HICKORY BURGER, BBQ omáčka, red onion, mozzarella, tomatoes | 295 CZK

BLACKBERRY BBQ PORK SHORT RIBS, chives sour cream, tomato salsa, home-made French fries | 295 CZK

CIHELNA „FISH AND CHIPS“, warm sauce Tartare, green pea, tomatoes, French fries | 265 CZK

GRILLED SALMON, wasabi potato purée, stir-fried bokchoy, teriyaki sauce | 425 CZK

TIKKA MASALA, spicy tomato sauce, coriander, basmati rice | with chicken breast or vegetables | 265 CZK

“SVÍČKOVÁ“ FROM LEG OF VENISON, creamy root vegetable sauce, Carlsbad dumplings, cranberries | 295 CZK

BEEF RENDANG, red curry pasta, coconut milk, lemon gras, ginger, basmati rice | 295 CZK

SLOW BRAISED CANTONESE LEG OF DUCK, stir-fried bokchoy, jasmine rice | 365 CZK

BEEF FILET MIGNON, Béarnaise sauce, grilled vegetables | 495 CZK



Garden greens salad | 115 CZK

Potato purée | 115 CZK

French fries | 115 CZK

Roasted vegetables | 115 CZK



CHEESECAKE, chocolate, raspberry sorbet and sauce | 155 CZK

CHOCOLATE TERRINE, orange sauce, pistachios | 155 CZK

FRESH STRAWBERRIES, yoghurt ice cream, almond granola | 155 CZK

BAKED PINEAPPLE, vanilla ice cream, rum-caramel sauce | 155 CZK